Professional Photo Retouching

Photo retouching involves more than simply 'touching up' an image. It means removing unwanted elements from photographs, enhancing lighting, adjusting sharpness, changing positions, distorting images etc.

Our specialization covers retouching the human form, body sculpting, skin texture improvement, retouching figures and faces of women and men.

StudioStatic performs digital optimization, color corrections and glamour enhancement for both beauty and fashion photography. In addition, we provide image manipulation for prepress and web publishing purposes.

Professional digital photo retouching and enhancement enables photographers to link traditional photography to the best technology has to offer.

Advanced Photo Restoration

Quality photo restoration can be an extremely highly-detailed, complex and time-consuming process requiring artistic as well as technical skill. It is important to keep in mind that this kind of work is lovingly-produced fine art restoration, not simply a "cool" technology with computers.

We offer both commercial photo retouching and photo restoration services. Old photos can be restored or changed digitally. Commercial images can be cleaned, enhanced or redone. Damaged originals can be returned to resemble their original condition. Or, if you prefer, we can manipulate your image until it's something entirely different. Either way, we use state-of-the-art computer software as our tools to perform the task of restoring, enhancing, manipulating, or repairing your cherished photo.

In short, there is no computer magic involved, just artistry using a computer as the artist's tools.

It is also more affordable than you may think, especially when compared to many other expenses for special occasions. Your good times can last forever. This is true whether you desire a restored photo or special image project as a gift for a special occasion, or as a special gift for yourself.


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